Sodium Humate 60% Flake


Sodium humate is a natural coal, peat and  lignite raw materials processed by a special process with a variety of  functional organic weak acid sodium salt, the structure is more complex,  known humic acid molecules containing benzene ring, thick Ring and some  heterocyclic ring (such as pyrrole, furan, indole, etc.), the aromatic  ring bridge between the bond, the aromatic ring with a variety of  functional groups, mainly carboxyl, phenol, hydroxyl, methoxy, Quinone  and the like. Sodium humate in the dry-base content of more than 75%, is  a production of green breast meat and eggs with good veterinary drugs  and feed additives. 


Humic acid (dry basis):60%     

Organic matter: :60% min  
Moisture:15% max                      
Size:2-4 mm  

• Soil Application: 10-15kg/ha
• Irrigation: 10-15kg/ha
• Foliar Application: 8-10kg/ha with the dilution rate of 1:500-600​ 

 Benefits & Function 
• Increases organic matter of soil
• Improves potash fertilizer utilization
• Increase the release of potassium
• Improves stress tolerance of crops
• Enhances animal cow and chicken healthy 
• As oil drilling fluid treatment agent, mainly to prevent the collapse of the role of the wall 

Packing Bag

Brand name : IHUMATE
Supply ability : 100 MT/month
Packing bag : 20 kg or 25 kg white pp bag or kraft paper bag ,1kg alumiunum bag
Port :Tianjin or Shanghai port
Delivery date : 10 days
Payment terms : T/T ,L/C or West union 

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About Us

00% water soluble without sediment ,No sodium

Black shiny Leonardite we have

More shiny appearence looking , Higher content of humate content ,Mostly for potassium humate must above to 60% content .

00% water soluble without sediment ,No sodium

Sodium humate for aquantic

• Enhances fish and chicken healthy 


Sodium humate flake COA (pdf)


Sodium humate MSDS (pdf)