Seaweed Extract Flake


Seaweed fertilizer is a use of marine  algae production or processing coupled with a certain amount of  nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and the processing of a trace element  in the fertilizer. There are a variety of forms, mainly on the market  with liquid-based powder, very little part of the particle state. Which  is the compound fertilizer  


Alganic acid :18%               
Organic matter :45%min 
Total Nitrogen :1.5%min           
P2O5:2% min                        
Water solubility :100% 
Microelement :1.5% min  
K2O:18% min                      


 • Broadcast Application: Broadcast the seaweed organic fertilizer before planting, Dosage: 800-1200 kg/ha.
• Furrow Application: Embed the seaweed organic fertilizer, Dosage: 800-1200 kg/ha.
• Apply 3-4 times in whole growing period.​ 

Benefits & Function 

 • Increases organic matter of soil
•  Seaweed and Amino acid can promote the crops growth and enhance the  capability of resistance   to drought, cold ,lodging, saline and  alkaline, make the vegetables and fruits have more beautiful    appearance and good tastes.
• Increase the release of potassium
• Improves stress tolerance of crops
• Enhances water holding capacity of soil
• Reduces soil erosion and improves work ability of soil 

Packing Bag

Brand name : IHUMATE

Supply ability : 100 MT/month

Packing bag : 20 kg or 25 kg  white pp bag or  kraft paper bag

Port : Shanghai  port

Delivery date : 10 days

Payment terms : T/T ,L/C or  West union

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100% water solubity shiny 75% potassium humate flake used for banana field

100% water solubity shiny 75% potassium humate flake used for spicy field

100% water soluble without sediment ,No sodium

Packing bag we do

25kg kraft paper bag / potassium humate shiny flake 

1 kg alumnium bag OEM design 

25kg white plastic bag / humic acid powder

1 Ton bag with pallet ,wrapping 


Seaweed Extract flake COA (pdf)


Seaweed extract MSDS (pdf)