Amino Acid 60-80% Powder


The most popular Tea tree area is Hunan province ,middle of China.With subtropical climate, rainy and many natural mountainous, which is very suitable for the growth of tea tree .Here need mentioned ,tea seed which can be press out edible oil ,not the tree leaf for drinking in China .So we could say ,Tea seed meal (oil-seed Camellia) is a by-product of tea oil manufacturing that contains natural surfactants called saponins.And saponin is the most effective content as pesticide .



Tea saponin 18% min

Nitrogen (N) ≥3%

Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5) ≥1%

Potassium Chloride (K2O)≥1.1%      

Organic matter:85% max             

Moisture:7% max

Size: 2-4mm


• Rice:5-10 kg/ha in 2-5 cm depth water

• Water Chest Nut:10-30 kg/ha in 1-3 cm depth water

• Water Arum:10-20 kg/ha in 5-10 cm depth water

• Turf grass: 300 kg/ha at Morning or Sunset

Benefits & Function 

• Eliminate the unwanted or wild fishes in the shrimp ponds

• Eliminate earthworm in the golf courses, football courses and lawn.

• Help shrimps take off shell earlier and enhance the grown of shrimps;

• Automatically decompose into organic fertilizer to promote the growth of algae;

Packing Bag

Brand name : IHUMATE

Supply ability : 100 MT/month

Packing bag : 20 kg or 25 kg  white pp bag or  kraft paper bag

Port : Shanghai  port

Delivery date : 10 days

Payment terms : T/T ,L/C or  West union

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100% Potassium humate shiny flake to Rajkot Mumbai ,Hyderabate ,India - Ihumate

100% water soluble without sediment ,No sodium

No sodium , 100% water soluble ,without sediment ,shiny flake .

How to get this from leonardite ? check more info in our blog .

100% Potassium humate shiny flake to Rajkot Mumbai ,Hyderabate ,India - Ihumate

Packing bag we do

25kg kraft paper bag / potassium humate shiny flake 

1 kg alumnium bag OEM design 

25kg white plastic bag / humic acid powder

1 Ton bag with pallet ,wrapping 


Amino acid 80% powder COA (pdf)


Amino acid NPK MSDS (pdf)