Amino acid shiny NPK  ball 16-0-1 ,6-0-1 ,13-5-7,10-4-4,12-0-3 compound fertilizer - Ihumate

Amino Acid 16-0-1 Ball


Amino acid NPK16-0-1 Ball and  granule (brown) NPK total nutrient ≥36-54%, the product contains amino acids, organic matter, potassium fulvic acid and other trace elements, The effect is more significant than the ordinary compound fertilizer, crop easy to absorb, to induce stress resistance, reduce pests and  diseases problem ; balanced nutrients, to prevent greedy, thin stems,  lodging and so on. 



Amino acid :6%min             

Organic matter :20% min                  


Size: 2-4 mm

• Soil Application:10-15kg/ha
•Suitable for all crops with base and top dressing, 300-400kgs/ha
• For fruit trees, vegetables, flowers, fruits, tea, oil, tobacco, cotton, herbs and other applications.​ 

 Benefits & Function 
• Increases organic matter of soil
• Improves potash fertilizer utilization
• Increase the release of potassium
• Improves stress tolerance of crops
• Enhances water holding capacity of soil
• As oil drilling fluid treatment agent, mainly to prevent the collapse of the role of the wall
• Reduces soil erosion and improves work ability of soil 

Also we have NPK 10-0-4 ,Iron humate 6-0-1 ,NPK 13-5-7 ,NPK 12-0-3

Packing Bag

 Brand name : IHUMATE
Supply ability : 1000 MT/month
Packing bag : 20 kg or 25 kg white pp bag or kraft paper bag
Port :Tianjin or Shanghai port
Delivery date : 10 days
Payment terms : T/T ,L/C or West union 

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Black shiny Leonardite we have

More shiny appearence looking , Higher content of humate content ,Mostly for potassium humate must above to 60% content .

100% Potassium humate shiny flake to Rajkot Mumbai ,Hyderabate ,India - Ihumate

Packing bag we do

25kg kraft paper bag / potassium humate shiny flake 

1 kg alumnium bag OEM design 

25kg white plastic bag / humic acid powder

1 Ton bag with pallet ,wrapping 


Amino acid NPK MSDS (pdf)


Amino acid ball 16-0-1 COA (pdf)