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ihumate lawn fertilizer Humate series(Organic fertilizer orgaic fertilizer ) are the first products that we do . As we know the most hightly humate content mineral are in Shanxi province , North of China ,It's not so far from Beijing , nearly 3 hours by China fast speed train .Most welcomed you to visit .Usually humic acid 50% powder and ball , 100% water solubility potassium humate flake are welcomed by Farms ,especially in India , Vietnam and South America ,with the development of World Organic farm ,Sodium humate and fulvic acid are been used as animal feedadditives in shirmp & livestock .

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80% snails can be killed with tea seed pellet after 24hours - Ihumate


In the middle of China ,There have one province named Hunan province ,which is our President hometown .Nearly to Yangzi river -The China longest river , Subtropical monsoon climate, acidic soil which is very suitable for tea seed trees growth . After oil refine then we can get tea seed meal (saponin) . It's the first been used in Thailand & Vietnam for kill snails and earthworms in paddy ,Lucky is Ocean Organc USA & Clone valley golf club UK are began used to kill earthworms in golf grass ,which get an very good results .We never stop to do our best to imporve our enviornment and life .

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White cermaic bentonite lumps&Tio2% Anatase - Ihumate


Meanwhile,we have taken the 30th China ceramic show in Guangzhou ,Chinaclay have very big market in whole world ,especially in India (with the fast speed development of economy) ,hight whiteness bentonite lumps ,kaoline and Titanium dioxide 98% powder have big demand .

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